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SOVCO Hydronics
Providing solar thermal and hot water solutions, residential plumbing and heating, and multi-purpose sprinkler systems in Golden, Colorado and the surrounding areas. We work with you to customize each installation to your specific needs.

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Design, Installation and Service
Solar thermal, the often forgotten renewable energy, utilizes air and water based designs to capture the energy of the sun.Sovco Hydro specializes in closed loop glycol based systems for both domestic hot water and radiant heating needs.  We can typically retrofit a solar system into any existing hydronic system.


RESIDENTIAL PLUMBINGNot much has changed in the plumbing world as far as drain lines are concerned, “it” still flows downhill… But in terms of water supply and hot water production – it’s different.  The demand for efficiency and reduced energy costs have driven the market to new innovations.At Sovco Hydro, we help come up with the solution that best suits YOU.  After all, you will be the one living with the system installed, and we want to help make the best decision for your needs.RESIDENTIAL HEATINGSovco Hydro specializes in hydronic heating systems – radiant baseboard and radiant in floor heating systems.  The advancement of high efficiency boilers has made a big mark on the industry, as compared to the old standard cast iron boiler.There are pros and cons to both, and Sovco Hydro is here to help you make the best decision for you and your home.MULTIPURPOSE SPRINKLER SYSTEMSWith the new codes mandating fire sprinkler systems in new residential construction, the demand for installers will be high and may cause delay, which ultimately result in even higher construction costs.Multipurpose systems are designed as an integration to the cold water supply of the residence.  This means you don’t need another contractor to deal with on the project.Sovco Hydro installs Uponor designed PEX systems –


I trust Eric’s ability and integrity.
Eric has worked on several projects for me. I have a unique home. He always takes time to work out each detail to the best solution for our needs. He has replaced all the pipes in our home with PEX and  upgraded various related parts and pumps. He facilitated in the construction and installation of our new solar array, designing much of the system. In addition, he is always available for service calls and general maintenance of the systems. I trust Eric’s ability and integrity. I could not be happier with his work.—Barbara S.Taos, NM & Austin, TX

You can’t go wrong with Eric
Eric installed a solar thermal system on our house in Taos, New Mexico, about 5 years ago. We really enjoyed working with Eric. We found his technical knowledge extensive, his work style professional, and his demeanor personable and easy to have around. He showed up when he said he would, he worked hard, and he respected our home and our pets, including our two noisy and “helpful” dogs. My husband and I were both working from home at the time, and Eric went out of his way not to interrupt our work. I remember in particular how well he dealt with our tiny mechanical closet. It can’t have been comfortable to work or easy to make the system work in such a tight space, but Eric didn’t complain. He simply took the initiative, finding innovative ways to work within the space limitations. You can’t go wrong with Eric; we’re both pleased to give him a hearty recommendation.— Rene H. & Paul T.Golden, CO & Taos, NM

I would recommend the guy to anyone
I hired Eric after a long series of chats about a fairly unusual house I designed and was ready to build with serious energy efficiency in mind. We hit it off immediately. We went from a super complex solar thermal system to a completely different plan with simplicity as a major part of the goal. It was eventually a super insulated house with a simplified one zone system offset by a large bank of PV’s. This house is surely the most comfortable we ever lived in, mostly taking care of itself. Part of that is due to the adaptable thinking of Eric. I would recommend the guy to anyone who wants such an easy house.—Hank BrusselbackTaos, NM

Eric S. Olriksen
Owner, Master PlumberOfficially started in the construction industry in 2004 with the company Valverde Energy in Taos, NM.  With a  primary interest in the solar electric world, things steered more toward solar thermal.  The company was licensed in electrical and plumbing, so there was time spent doing just about everything!  Primarily “apprenticing” solar thermal with the company founder Larry Mapes, one of the industry leaders, installing systems for domestic hot water and radiant floor heating systems.Breaking out on his own in 2010 to start Samson Energy until life changes cut things short in 2013.The summer of 2015 found a return to renewables, working with Conundrum Technologies in the mountains of Colorado.  The fall of 2015 brought Eric to Golden and working with Radiant Floors, Inc, primarily installing radiant floor heating and snow melt systems.A home project in 2016 ignited the desire to play a more integral part of the creative process, as well as be his own boss again.In the fall of 2017, Eric obtained his Master Plumber license and started Sovco LLC, aka Sovco Hydronics.  Sovco is a play on his middle name Sovereign, the surname of his Swedish grandmother.